Amy Cuddy

New York Times Bestselling Author, Associate Professor at Harvard & 2nd Most Viewed TED Talk with over 30 Million Views

Amy Cuddy

With advice that is both practical and profound, Amy Cuddy shows how to summon your true and best self when doing so matters most. Emotions are contagious. If you personify poise and optimism yourself, you enhance the odds that they will respond in kind.

Michael Wheeler,
Harvard Business School, Author of The Art of Negotiation

Researching social judgements, emotions, nonverbal behaviours, and hormones, Amy explains to audiences the role these variables play in shaping us. Her work on power posing – brief, nonverbal expressions of competence and power – has won praise worldwide. Her TED talk, "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are", posted in October 2012, has been streamed over 30 million times and is the second-most viewed video on the TED site. chose it as one of 15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life. The Guardian calls it one of 20 Online Talks That Could Change Your Life.

In her New York Times bestseller, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, Amy reveals how to use this cutting-edge science to become self-assured in high-pressure moments.

Amy's work has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, MSNBC and in Fast Company, Harvard Magazine, Wired, The New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and even as the theme of a Dilbert and Betty comic strips. She appears occasionally on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. 

Amy holds a PhD in Psychology from Princeton University and BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado. Prior to joining HBS, she was an Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. At Harvard, Amy teaches MBA, executive education, and doctoral courses on influence & persuasion, leadership, and decision making. She is also a classically trained (and still practicing) ballet dancer, which informs her research on nonverbal communication.

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  • Presence

    Amy Cuddy

    Once, while I was washing my hands in an airport restroom, the woman at the sink next to me turned and said, “I’m really sorry, but are you...” She paused, and rather than finish the question, she stretched her arms out and up.


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