Top 5 Lessons: The Art of Marketing


1. Stop Shoving People Down the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is an outdated framework to guide decision making, but we can’t expect our customers to follow a specific path down the “funnel”. Consider the See, Think, Do, Care framework instead. It is a measurement strategy (not a funnel or pre-determined path) that focuses on four clusters of intent.

2. Solve For Intent

Forget about demographics; it’s worlds more important to focus on behaviour. There are the four different audience intent clusters and we need to make sure we solve for all four. When determining the success of your initiatives, do not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree; use proper metrics tied back to the intent.

3. Don't be Short-Sighted

Make sure you are solving for future intent too; just because they aren’t buying from you now, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Hook them in with your content so that you’re on their radar when it comes time to make a purchase. And please… don’t have one night stands with your audience; make sure you are building those relationships.

4. Social selling does not work

To find success in social media, your content needs to entertain, inform and provide utility. Consider the Money-off-Roof Test (MoR for short). If you could create more “buzz” by throwing the money off the roof of your office, then don’t invest it in that social media initiative.

5. Stop With Data Pukes

When communicating results to the CEO level, give less data and information and more plain English. They don’t need to see your graphs, your analysis, or your process – they pay you to do that, so focus on simplifying it in ways they would understand.

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