What is #GoodBusy?


I think it is really easy to be very, very busy so how do you define good busy from just busy, busy because there’s always that loud, squeaky wheel that’s going to be going after you - your email, your phone all the things that wanna interrupt your day and what you have to decide first and foremost is: Where do you make your money?

What is the most profitable way for you to spend your time - and I don’t mean that in a greedy way make too much money I just mean you have to set priorities particularly as the business owner.

A lot of times what you did when you started the business has changed and you need to evolve with is so that you can actually stay focused on the things that matter the most for the company and so create those priorities define no more than two or three and go to work staying busy doing that and you know you’ll be doing the right work.

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