Think Like a Small Business


In the Industrial Age, the 1950, 1960s, the peak of it, the goal was to be a big business. An industrialist, someone who did a reliable thing for average people, again and again; a Canadian Tire, a Stelco, or even a Tim Horton’s. And every small business was told to act like a big business.

In the Post-Industrial Age it’s reversed.

Every big business needs to act more like a small business. Every small business needs to embrace the fact that the owner is only one click away from the customer. That the owner, that the person that cares enough can change things if she decides that the market needs it. And yes, big businesses have to do the same thing, other wise they’re going to keep industrializing themselves out of the picture.

The future doesn't belong to the mighty industrialists, the future belongs to the adroit, agile small business person; who could listen and then deliver. 

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