Rewarding the Small Achievements of Life


Our perception of “going beyond”, at least with the Moments Model, started off with finding moments within games. When you leveled up and hit a high score, that was a moment, and then we realized that that was just the tip of the iceberg. People were doing other things throughout the day; fitness, food, music, productivity, sports even.

So we found those daily moments and then our next epiphany, which we briefly talked about late last year in an article that came out from Forbes, was the fact that now we see moments not just within a mobile device, but actually in connected devices. So our perception is that you could have connected cars, connected TVs, connected fridges, connected thermostats. Imagine your fridge tells you your vegetables are about to go rotten and here’s a reward from Safeway, right?

That’s the type of thing we see as going beyond. It’s actually seeing the art of life moments that are represented through the devices that can in real-time tell a system what your needs are. Our vision is to actually be that repository, as it were, of all of your daily moments, whether it be from a phone that you experience it or just you living. That’s where, I think, the next generation for us really goes.

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