One of the Most Influential Marketing Campaigns of Our Time


This is a weird answer, but I think one of the most influential marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen is the campaign for literacy. So I have two children: a 6 year old and a 3 year old and what’s fascinating to me is how much focus there is on teaching them to love to read. Not just the mechanics of reading, because the mechanics of reading are pretty easy to grasp. But to teach them to love to read at this age because there is so many screens and so much television and iPads there’s this real campaign that all parents go through to teach their kids this is why you should love to reading and the argument is reading is great it’s that reading give you all these other things. It gives you: the ability to entertain yourself to not come harass me every night so you can read a book on your own. What’s amazing to me is how much this has become the bedrock of our culture. You will never meet a parent who says to you, “Yeah I don’t think I need to teach my kid how to read. It’s not important to me.” It is an example of when something is really important and meaningful and you distribute it and you give responsibility for teaching it to other people it’s transformative. Every culture becomes transformed by increasing literacy rates and it becomes this self-sustaining virus that when you think about it is an amazing public health and public development campaign.

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