YOU Are The Most Important Person in The World... Lessons from The Art of Sales Vancouver 2016


The following are closing remarks curated by our host, Bill Williams based on the presentations by Jeffrey Gitomer, Daniel Pink, Brent Adamson, Ian Chamandy and Mark Bowden at The Art of Sales in Vancouver on February 5th, 2016. 

YOU are the most important person in the world!

But don't bring your customers donuts.

Find new problems.

Be more like you.

Go for the go-getters, teachers & skeptics.

Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize.

Teach them something new.... Give them a compelling reason to change.

They aren't buying what you're selling... so,

Why should they choose you? In 7 words or less.

Do you have good hair?  HELLO!? REALLY??

For you, Mark Bowden is a potential sexual partner...

But we all WIN in the Friend category

Because people buy feelings, not things!

The following visual summaries were mapped live during the conference by Tristan Miller, capturing key points in each of our speakers' presentations. 




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