They're Not Buying What You're Selling... Lessons From The Art of Sales Toronto 2016

The following are closing remarks curated by our host, Ron Tite based on the presentations by Mitch Joel, Keith Ferrazzi, Ian Chamandy, Richard Robbins, and Daniel Pink at The Art of Sales in Toronto on January 26th, 2016. 

Why are you here?
Sales has changed more in the past 10 years than in the past 100.
Hell, they’re not even buying what you’re selling any more.
What do customers need? What to customers want?
How about focusing on your customers interests?
Welcome to the Age of Efficiency.
It’s not Buyer Beware. It’s Seller Beware. And that has changed everything.
We’ve all stood on the shoulders of giants.
They’ve come before us. They paved the road.
And sure, we need to acknowledge their contributions
but now it’s our time to lead. It’s YOUR time to lead.
Don’t be the man or woman of success. Be the man or woman of value.
Only 10% want a great price. 90% want great value.
And remember that they’re not a customer until they buy from you twice.
Unlike you, the internet is an elephant. It never forgets.
Neither do your customers. 

Whether you’re living like the 3 little pigs (Transform • Innovate • Transact)
Or you’re practising the new ABCs of selling (Attunement • Buoyancy • Clarity),
Just walk into the room with something other than what you’re trying to sell. 

Stop solving problems and start finding them.
Make tiny changes.
Give people an off-ramp.
Deliver the unexpected.
Stop pitch slapping.
Create advocates.
Make time to rhyme.
Be honest. Be transparent. Be a trusted advisor.
Be like Bob.
Abundance isn’t defined by what we have but by what we give.
So give them access.
Lead with generosity. Show up early to the golf course.
Technology has removed technology from technology, so be a rock star.
Build great relationships.
They give you the permission to have hard hitting conversations.
Worry about making an impression, not impressions.
If you live your life with generosity, you will become very attractive to others.
You’re all A students. Act like it.
Class dismissed. 

@Ron Tite

The following visual summaries were mapped live during the conference, capturing key points in each of our speakers' presentations. 






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