Using Data to Make Your Content Shareable


I think today in the world that we live in social media, you know social media is just a word of mouth jet stream – it’s just really important to create marketing that is worth talking about that’s worth spreading. If something is just going to sit there and no one’s going to talk about it, it’s probably average and we don’t want to do things that are average. Amazing things get talked about. So the idea and goal of the marketing is to create something that people will forward to others and share.

It’s really, really important to embrace the science side… We talk about The Art of Marketing, there’s also the science of marketing and today, in our world where we have so much data now, the tools to help you analyze all that data – they call it “big data.” We as marketers need to understand that as best as we can and partner with those executives in the company – The IT group who know how to get to that data, how to massage that data, who know how to show us that our marketing is working now in this giant technological world because that is really important. So we may have gotten into this huge marketing thing because we love the creativity, however we really need to embrace our inner nerd and connect with the IT folks and the data side.

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