Slaying a Monster


One of our proudest innovations is our laundry detergent. Laundry is a really, really challenging category. It’s essentially dominated by a handful of multinationals and there’s not a lot of consumers walking around the world going, “I wish I had a better laundry detergent,” so behavior is really hard to change. The way we changed it is we thought, what is the monster we can slay? And for us the monster is that laundry cap. The reason it’s a monster is because it is very confusing, it’s oversized and not well marked so pretty much everybody uses too much laundry – they overdose. It’s bad for the machines, it’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for our clothes and it’s not great for that stuff rubbing up against our skin 12 hours a day. So the way we slayed it is we went and approached it from a different way, eliminating the cap all together. We miniaturized laundry down 8x times from the traditional laundry detergent and that allowed us to get rid of the messy cap and allow people to always be able to dose exactly the right amount and ultimately deliver a better experience. So for us the reason we went into the category vs finding a monster, slaying it, creating a better experience that’s what we’ve been most proud of to date.

So for us our marketing is really about how you engage with the consumer audience through emotion and if you think about anybody who is truly great at leading they do it through not only a rational approach, but also equally balanced with an emotional approach. So for us the art of marketing is how we apply creativity, design, imagination to our work that hopefully lands us in a place that hasn’t been done before. Which, not only transforms categories or experiences that leads the consumer to a new place so for us that is the art of marketing.

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