Learn to Tolerate Chaos


I think that innovation and creativity flourish in environments that are messy, that permit mistakes that allow people to step outside of their roles that involve people who wouldn’t otherwise be thought of as natural teammates... Just when there is an acceptable level of chaos I think that good things happen. The trick in encouraging creativity is being willing to tolerate chaos and that’s very difficult for us to do.  It’s not first on our impulse.

First of all I’d say leadership needs to be tolerant. It goes along with my earlier point of chaos and how creativity comes from mild levels of chaos, acceptable chaos and leadership needs to be tolerant of that to shoulder all of the inconveniences and stresses that come from mild levels of chaos… Leadership in the same way needs to be tolerant of failure as creativity necessarily requires people to make mistakes and leadership has to accept that going in, or there will ne no real innovation and inspiration.

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