How To Make Better Sales Through Pictures


Explain it with Pictures

The best advice I could provide to a sales person struggling to communicate with clients is very simple: use pictures.

My whole belief is that we are incredibly fluent in understanding of ideas when we see them with our visual system and I’m talking about with our eyes and our mind’s eye. So when we’re trying to sell an idea to someone we can do a certain amount when we talk to them – that’s great. Imagine what we can do when we’re talking to that person and at the same time we’re actually showing them, visually we’re drawing out, we’re sketching out what our idea actually is. It is extraordinarily powerful what happens and the connection we build with the person we’re talking to  is extraordinary as well.

It’s really tricky these days because a lot of our sales are done through email or by phone. Very often we’re not sitting face to face with our client – so how would we use pictures in such a circumstance? Well, think about this – if we’re going to be communicating by email it’ very easy now. If we have to sketch out our idea to make it clearer, sketch it on a piece of paper, take our phone, take a photo of that drawing and then email that – instant visual explanation!

By phone it’s a little bit trickier because by definition that’s strictly verbal so what I recommend is if you’re going to talk to someone to try and share your idea strictly by phone, go ahead and make a drawing or find some images that are going to support what you’re talking about and email it to them in advance. Then when you get on the phone say, “I’d like you to take a look at that drawing. You see that circle over there? What I meant by that is that’s your market and you see that other circle over there? That’s the tool that we’re offering or whatever the story is. So give them something visual to look as as you’re talking o them – it’s extraordinarily powerful, The other thing that I will say is using all of the social media technologies that we have today is however you choose to interact with your clients is take advantage of the fact that all of these social media tools have built in visual capacities. So whether it’s Pinterest, or whether it’s Instagram or whether you’re talking through Facebook or communicating through Twitter. Whatever the tools may be, all of them now have a built in way to take an image and send it to someone. Isn’t that remarkable – you can send the picture, send the visual prior to or while you’re talking to them. It’s a miracle what we have now. 

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