How to be Authentic on Social Media


Authenticity in Social Media

I think with social media people can see through it because they’re right there having an engagement with you. So if you’re not transparent, if you’re not real, if you’re not speaking from the heart then people will see it for what it is – a truly delivered message, and then they’ll leave. But, if you sit down with someone and you look them in the face and you say, “Hi, I want you to buy my cleaner!” They’ll probably say that was a weird dude, and they’ll leave, but if you walk in and say, “Hi, nice to meet you, my name is David and I’ve struggled with cleaning for a while now and I went out there and I developed my own brand and if you can give me two minutes of your time I want to tell you about this really cool thing that I am doing.” Someone might say, yeah, I’ll give this guy two minutes of my time. Same thing with social media – if you’re going to go out there, try and deliver a generic message or people will have the right to just leave. If you want to get someone’s attention, give them the respect they deserve and speak to them like a human being through social media.

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