Top 5 Lessons: The Art of Leadership for Women


The Art of Leadership for Women conference came to Toronto on June 15, 2016 featuring six incredible throught leaders. Here are the key takeaways from Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter's talk.

1. Care is as Important as Breadwinning

While we, as women, were fighting for our place in the professional workplace, we systematically devalued the work that women traditionally did ("care"). We wanted to be in the work place but we don't want to sacrifice the home life. We need to still value the work of care - at least as much as we value the resume.

2.Care is not Only the Woman's Responsibility

Yes, we need to put an equal value on care, however, that does not mean it should only be the woman's responsibility. We need to get the men in our lives involved. Care is converting income into meals, and shelter, and discipline, etc. and the most important thing we can do is invest in the first five years of the next generation.

3. We Must Recognize and Support the Lead Parent

People are much more likely to flourish with a greater support system at home. Look at the men who are stepping up as lead parent, support them and see them as secure and important. Men should get the same opportunities for care -- parental leave, be able to move for their spouse--and we need to treat ment the exact same as women.

4. Parenting is similar to leadership

If you were to pick up a book on parenting and a book on leadership, you'd be surprised how similar the advice is. When you invest in someone, and that person succeeds, you'll feel pourd. Think of advice you've been given on either topic and see how it could apply.

5. We Need to Change How We Raise Our Sons

We've changed the way we've raised our daughters, but we need to change socially imposed gender roles and what we teach our sons about being equal care givers. Not only will valuin care open chances for women leaders, it changes the way we think about and treat men. It changes the expectations of men and that's just equality, making you a better leader and manager.

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