Are You an All In Leader?


At ATB we believe that people have a right to great leadership and leaders have a responsibility to be GREAT... not perfect. What does it mean to be a great leader at ATB? There is a mountain range of literature and research on this topic. To sort through it all and personalize it for our company, we've defined great leadership with intention through what we call our All In Leadership Pledge. This framework is intended to guide our leadership development system, including but not limited to leadership succession. The punch line: The more you live and practice through the lens of our leadership pledge, the more successful you will be. 

The End Game 

People have a right to great leadership and leaders have a responsibility to be GREAT... not perfect

If you're going to be a leader at ATB, you must demonstrate that you are capable of three non-negotiable outcomes. You must show that you can consistently deliver great results, develop others and collaborate through building strong relationships. Essentially, people are lined up to work for you because they know where you're going, you're intentionally clear, consistent  and authentic in applying core values, you consistently get things done, and ideally, you’re fun to work with! 

How to get there 

At ATB, our Story or purpose provides an umbrella for why we jump out of bed in the morning. We know that meaningful purpose in providing material value to people is essential for sustainable profitable growth. We have also been very specific in describing our expected leadership behaviour attributes and absolute core values... what we call our ATBs. 


Translator – Understand and make meaning
Connector – Connect with care to others
Hungry – Passionately strive for excellence
Collaborator – Engage with others to achieve a common goal
Agile – Adapt to change and take action
Catalyst – Make things happen
Creator – Create value
Explorer – Find a new way forward
Synthesizer – Find simplicity and grounding within complexity

The ATBs (values):

#1 Deliver WOW to customers and each other every chance you get
#2 Continuously seek ways to make banking work FOR people
#3 Think yes first
#4 Be personally and fiercely accountable
#5 Find a way to get things done
#6 Be confident and humble
#7 Trust and expect the same from others
#8 Do the right thing
#9 Think big and make it happen
#10 Have fun every day  

Leadership Inforgraphic from ATB

Additionally, we have been very specific in describing the practices we expect leaders to follow. At minimum, we want leaders to practice and apply the practice of leadership by ensuring the following with their collective group AND each individual:


  1. I set a vivid and compelling vision on where we are going 

  2. I set clear and inspiring expectations for performance 

  3. I connect, care and coach in-the-moment and in one-on-ones 

  4. I give feedback generously, asking for and receiving it in return 

  5. I drive continuous learning to accelerate growth and agility 

  6. I actively notice and recognize others and celebrate results 

All In Leadership! 

The entire All In Leadership Pledge is outlined as a system as outlined in the ATB Leaders ALL IN. If you want to accelerate and continue as a leader at ATB, you are expected to continuously develop and evaluate yourself according to this framework. If you can't or won't, it's best to develop your career elsewhere. Why? People deserve great leaders and leaders are responsible to be GREAT (not perfect). 

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