How to Super Size Your Marketing Strategy


Marketing is one of the fastest changing aspects of business. It’s all about figuring out the value of what you offer and how you could communicate that to the specific people who could find the most value from it. It’s the art of deciphering how your consumer thinks and what makes them tick. Whether you have been in marketing for your entire professional career or you just walked through the door to your first “marketing coordinator” gig on Monday, everyone has room to grow and brush up on this complex art. 

Want to learn how to engage and mobilize audiences, inspiring them to action? @MorganSpurlock is your guy

You would think that with all of the tools, websites, webinars and books available, that with enough time and effort, marketing should be fairly easy to master. However, with all the tactics, trends and communication mediums changing constantly we find that this is definitely not the case. What works one year, may be completely dated by the next! How are marketers supposed to connect with their targets to do what they need to do? What are the best ways to meet your audience’s intent? The reality is we are data rich, but insight poor and those who recognize this take a proactive approach to learning and continuously developing their skills.

At The Art Of we really strive to give marketers, entrepreneurs and executives the insight they need to be innovative and successful. This year we ventured to assemble a team of successful experts in this field to put the spotlight on how business models are being disrupted and, as a result, how marketers can redevelop their strategies and answer the latest marketing conundrums. The result is impressive.

Take one of our keynotes Morgan Spurlock for instance. You may recognize him from his documentaries such as “Super Size Me” or “Pom Wonderful: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. Between Adweek’s statement that Spurlock started a branded content revolution and the nearly two-million views of his TED Talk on brand marketing, it is evident that he can teach a few things about branded content and storytelling. If you want to learn how to engage and mobilize audiences, inspiring them to action, Spurlock is your guy. 

.@BethanyMota promises to share secrets on meaningful engagement & content

Another is YouTube Superstar and entrepreneur, Bethany Mota. Bethany is one of the most powerful voices in social and new media. She made her start making videos showing off her recent fashion purchases to millions of fans, but is now a bona fide designer moving partnerships with some major brands. In her moderated discussion with bestselling author and marketing expert Mitch Joel, she promises to share her secrets on building impressive communities through meaningful engagement and content, successful brand extensions and why a subscriber base is more valuable than viral videos. 

Digital marketing evangelist for Google, and the bestselling author of the Web Analytics series, Avinash Kaushik promises to teach the secrets of digital marketing and analytics. He will teach how to drive new and rapid innovation in your digital strategies in ways that will accelerate revenues. Avinash will present his See, Think, Do, Care framework to help anyone make key changes that will actually impact your business right now. 

From whichever angle you approach marketing, there is bound to be exceptional content for all who attend. Marketing success today really depends on how well brands can seize opportunities and makes tactical and strategic changes. With a jam packed day of insightful, thought-provoking content amongst 1,200 of the city’s most brilliant marketers, you will undoubtedly get ahead of the curve and find your competitive advantage. Join us on June14th for The Art of Marketing in Toronto.  

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